Commissions are priced according to how much detail you want to include. Please contact Susan to get pricing at

When contacting Susan please include the size of the finished caricature for example, 11″ x 14″ . . .and such. As well as, the specific details of what you want as a background as shown below or any other background that you have in mind. Susan is now working digitally. This is an advantage because you will receive a digital file which you can use on your social media and or print the caricature any size that you wish.

cana pics

We love our Canadian Chicks Caricature!

caricature commission copy
caricature commission b copy
digital caricature by susan moreno kat_edited-1

Love, Love, Love it!!!! Thank you, Kathryn

sample baby digital
comm. samp boy
digital caricature by susan moreno doggie

This is so good! Oh my goodness-thank you! Amanda