Frequently asked questions about live digital caricatures by
Q. What is a caricature?

Basically, a caricature is an exaggeration of an individuals features. For example, an individual might have big eyes or smaller eyes. The artist will exaggerate the eyes and make them bigger if the individual has big eyes or smaller if the individual has smaller eyes. Susan has received numerous comments from happy clients over the years on how much they enjoy having their caricature drawing by Susan and how often times they frame and display it in their home or office.!


Q. What are live digital caricatures?

Live digital caricatures are new to the Atlanta area. Susan works on a Wacom digitalize tablet, the drawings are produce on a Mac computer and shown on a 32″ high definition TV monitor. Susan prints the caricature on the spot in less than a minute and your guest walks away with a memorable and unique memento of your event as well your company logo on their caricature print.


Q. What marketing advantages do live digital caricatures present to my company for our
upcoming trade show or convention?

Susan will draw more people to your booth by setting up a high definition TV monitor. This will invite people to stop at your booth and have their caricature drawn or stay a while to see the caricature quickly develop in a few minutes.

This will give you an opportunity to engage, and promote your company”s services and products.
Your company’s logo will be printed on their caricature and will be placed in a badge holder and lanyard. They will walk away wearing your company logo on their caricature giving your company more exposure not only at the show but also long after the show, as many of the people that have had their caricature later share that they proudly have the caricature framed and displayed in their office or home.

When others at the show see the caricature with your logo they will be directed to your booth. This   will give multiply opportunities to promote your company’s product or service as people will direct others to go to your booth space to get their caricature drawn by Susan.

In addition to each guest receiving a print at the show they will also be able to get a digital Jpeg file of their caricature and they can download the image to their social media and or print for themselves as well.

Q. Why print 4″ x 6″

This size, 4″ x 6″ prints work great! They are quick to print, easy to carry and fit into the badge holder and lanyard that Susan will provide at no additional charge to each of your guest’s that have their caricature drawn at your event.

Q. How fast can you draw?

In general speeds range from 5 to 7 minutes per face, an estimate would be 9-15 per hour depending on different factors. Such as, drawing in black and white with no color, with color, or a splash of color. A good thing to keep in mind is that a 32″  TV monitor display showing the caricature develop is as well, entertainment for everybody not just the person that is getting drawn at the moment.


Q. Will you travel to events in other states?

Yes, Susan is based in Atlanta, GA but will travel out of state to perform.

Q. What corporate events do you perform?

Susan is available for any kind of corporate or private event.

  • Trade- Shows
  • Conventions
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Grand Openings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Wedding Anniversary  
  • Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Q. What are the fees for digital

The basic fees are $250.00 per hour with a two hour minimum in the immediate Atlanta area. Discounts are available for multi-day, multi-hours events, as well as, travel fees where applicable.

Q. How do I pay?

Payment is accepted by check. Or if you prefer credit card using Paypal, with the address, Please note a 3.5% fee is added when you pay by credit card for the Paypal fees.

Q. Do you work with a contract?

Yes, Susan will e-mail you a simple, straight forward contract detailing the terms of our agreement. A 50% deposit is due upon acceptance, and the balance is due on the day of the event.

Q. How do I contact Susan?

Please call 770-443-1824, or e-mail at,